Fabian Media is a company with interests in publishing and distribution. Established in 2013, Fabian Media delivers world-class content through various multimedia channels including print and online portal.


Fabian Media is a company with interests in publishing and distribution. Established in 2013, Fabian Media delivers world-class content through various multimedia channels including print and online portal.

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Smartphone-Gyaan of the season!

The debate on how our lives revolve around technology is far over as we all agree universally that gadgets are designed to make our lives easier. Be it the new iPhone 7 that you bought for yourself this month or the GoPro action camera that lets you record your adventures with sheer precision and no worries about the equipment getting wet! Technology giants all around the world, spend millions into their R&D in order to tap into the market potential by analysing what their user base needs. Hence, every time you buy a gadget, you find that a newer version is already out in the markets in a matter of days. The growing need for more advanced technology and the constant cut-throat competition between technology giants has given us the opportunity to bear the fruits of this tech-battle. But for this issue we have taken the chnce of compiling a list of some of the most impressive smartphones of the season, that have been released in this year! So if you are planning to purchase a new smartphone, this is for you. You can thank us later.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus
The World’s most acclaimed technology giant has released the latest version of the iPhone- the iPhone 7 Plus. What makes this phone stand out from the rest of the iPhone version is the presence of the dual rear cameras which give this phone an edge over most of the smartphones in the market. Also iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are the only high-end smartphones which have upgraded to 256GB storage space hence giving you unlimited space to store your music, files, photos, movies, videos and large apps.

Google Pixel XL
Google has always given technology giants like Microsoft and Apple a run for their money because of the cutting edge R&D they invest in. As a result of which, over the years google has released many smartphone series like the Nexus, OnePlus and now the Google Pixel. Released very recently the google pixel and the pixel XL, these phones by google are so tech-loaded that it’s almost a mini supercomputer in your hand. They have a long list of specifications which make them a very simplified yet a powerful phone. The camera on this bad-boy is bound to impress any techie and the best thing about the phone is its ability to analyse large amounts of user data by knowing what the user does on the phone, what the user looks for, what sort of apps are being downloaded and feeds it to the Google Assistant- which in turn has an answer to virtually any question which is asked by the user!

LG V20
Launched just this month, the LG V20 has been taking the market by storm. The reason for this is the fact that it is the first non-google smartphone by LG which comes with the Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box which not many smartphones have. Other impressive features are the it’s audio recording facility which speaks excellence. With an integration with Band & Olufsen for audio output gives it an audio edge which one cannot find in any other smartphone in the market. Dual rear camera, QHD-Display and such audio excellence makes it a top choice for this season!
Huawei P9

Another out of the box smartphone launched by the reputed Huawei is the new and powerful Huawei P9. The device, like LG V20, comes with a dual-rear camera but offers a much advanced performance. And why not the rear camera is 12MP but with Leica lenses which contribute to the amazing colour reproduction and clarity.  The smartphone also comes with full-HD display, octa-core Hi-silicon processor, 3GB/4GB, 256GB inbuilt storage and a 3000mAh battery which is bound to last for longer even if you are a phone-addict. In the past Huawei phones have proved themselves to be extremely sturdy and value for money and hence are a favourite amongst the smartphone user base.
Motorola Moto Z
Motorola's much acclaimed- Moto Z has wrapped users around its fingers with its under-the-hood specifications. Challenged to be the world's slimmest smartphone, the smartphone has bestowed with an excellent camera and a waterproof body. It has also become popular amongst users because of its 'modular body'. Because this smartphone is compatible with a host of Motorola add-ons, this is a serious good-buy for the season for its price.
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Samsung's best release for this circa has undoubtedly been the Galaxy S7 edge. Galaxy S7 edge has been packed with dual-curved screen display and the advanced user-interface that justifies its hardware’s superior edge. One look at this smartphone with its glass and metal-based build and you are bound to fall in love with it. The Galaxy S7 edge helped give Samsung a head start in the Indian market after a series of smartphone dumps like overheating and unimpressive battery performance. Despite the fact that the specifications are almost similar to any other smartphone in the same budget, the most impressive feature of this phone is undoubtedly the camera which is quite a thing!

OnePlus 3T
A successful upgrade to the previous smartphone by the company- OnePlus 3, the new OnePlus 3T has been an impressive release by the company. The smartphone is loaded with a bunch of high-end specifications and offers quite a lot in the price package. The smartphone starts at Rs 29,999, which makes it one of the most affordable smartphones with QHD display, massive 6GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor which will cost you a lot more with smartphones by other brands.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is one of the most impressive smartphone for the budgeted buyers. The smartphone promises a bunch of cutting-edge features at this price, which includes Qualcomm's Snapdragon 650 SoC, a 5.5-inch full-HD display, fingerprint sensor, 4050mAh battery, 16MP rear camera, 5MP front-facing camera and 4G support. So feel free to use this phone robustly and still expect the battery to last longer. Quite a purchase for under 10000INR! What more can one asks for?!
Asus Zenfone 3 Max ZC553kl
The Asus Zenfone 3 Max (ZC553KL) was launched in India at a budget price of Rs 17,999 and is available for purchase on e-commerce giants. The highlight of the brand new Zenfone Max 3 is its massive 4,100mAh battery which can offer you more than 30 hours of 3G calling and has a really impressive standby time. So sit back and do anything on your smartphone without having to worry about charging the phone. What a relief! The Phone has sleek looks and comes with average specifications like 3GB RAM, fingerprint sensor, 5.5-inch full-HD display, 32GB expandable storage, 16MP rear camera and 8MP front-facing camera which is the absolute package offered by any other smartphone in the same budget.


Fabian Media is a company with interests in publishing and distribution. Established in 2013, Fabian Media delivers world-class content through various multimedia channels including print and online portal.

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